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Ioritz Hidalgo

Marketing Lover & Entrepreneur

Hi There!

I'm Ioritz Hidalgo a 22-year-old entrepreneur who is really passionate about Marketing. I´m from Azpeitia (Gipuzkoa), but I live in Valencia since 2014, when I decided to move to study at UPV and live on my own.

I love helping different projects and experimenting different growth hacks everyday.

- I. Hidalgo



Experiment, fail, learn, repeat

I love starting new projects. I always put everything into making these ideas happen, since the harder you work, the closest you'll be. I also help projects plan and execute their growth strategies.
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I am currently working as Marketing Director at Víviz a Real Estate
Thanks to one of my own StartUps, Drive-Brands, I've had the opportunity to travel often and learn plenty of useful stuff from different work cultures and methodologies alongisde people from different countries.
I have been awarded the second place on the EU-XCEL (European Startup program) after being selected to participate despite not being eligible according to their bases due to my young age.
I have been working as a Growth Specialist and Account Manager in Bloo Media an Inbound Marketing Agency focused on Executives for nearly 2 years.
I am also involved in several projects trying always to learn and give my best advices.

If you are afraid of failure you don´t deserve to be successful!

Charles Barkley

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What i do

These are some of the things I do. I really adapt easily on different situations.


I have experience on Inbound Strategies, SEO... I Love to analyze data, to measure all about the strategies I launch


Experiments are my daily activity. I have tested lots of growth hacks and I like to use the ones which work with everyone


Startups are my passion. I really like to think about new ideas and test them. I try to help as much people I can


I have experience in different paid ads campaigns such as LinkedIn Ads, Twitter Ads or Facebook Ads

Want a Coffe?

Feel free to contact me to provide some feedback, give me suggestions or just to take a coffe!