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Drive-Brands is a marketplace that connects active car drivers that want to earn some extra money and driver where companies want to be seen with companies that want to target ads on geographic location.

At drive-brands we provide targeted advertising coupled with a comprehensive set of analytics to provide you with real time knowledge of your advertising campaign. We have drivers chosen according to your specification, dynamically powering your campaign in locations important to you. Crowds will be watching as your campaign travels throughout the city.

If your are a driver, you will be able to make money for simple drive! Just take one of the available campaigns and driving your daily route.

Our team 'Drive-Brands' won 2nd prize in EU-XCEL Finals in Munich, Germany 2016. EU-XCEL is a Horizon 2020 and Startup Europe initiative which supports aspiring young tech entrepreneurs interested in co-founding new international information, communication and technology (ICT) startups.

Website: Drive-Brands
Date: May 2016 - Present
Co-Founder & CEO